Pop Plagarism: Lichtenstein the Piratestein

Was Lichtenstein just a rip off artist? More at link below.

source Deconstructing Lichtenstein: Source Comics Revealed and Credited - ComicsAlliance

Sooper Smart Watch

Issan Auto Exhibition

Sooper Smart Therapy Book II

Volume II: How to Deal with Anger

Chill out.

*Special thanks to M. Fukuda for the inception of this series

Sooper Smart Therapy Book I

Therapy by Dr. Sooper Smart, Volume I:  How to Deal with Obesity

Stop Eating.

*Special thanks to Sensei Fukuda for this sage advice

This is World Peace

Metta World Peace (A.K.A. Ron Artest) has a mean elbow.  Ow ouch, and the follow through.  And to think they were going to change it to the Nobel Artest Prize and "Give Artest a Chance."  Gives World Peace a bad name.

source: gifsoup.com

Mountain Dew and Doritos Cupcakes

Is this real?  If so, where can they be obtained?

source Cake Wrecks

Songkran 2012

Parallel Universe Titanic

The unsinkable Titan, struck an iceberg en route from America to England, and all but 13 of its around 3,000 passengers perished in an icy sea.  Sound familiar?  This was written 14 years before the actual sinking of the Titanic.  Could it be an interception from a parallel universe?

via What would Titanic look like in the hands of George Lucas? and The novella that predicted the wreck of the Titanic

In-N-Out Hacks, Tricks, and Mods

The next time I'm in California, I will be ordering a medium rare, extra toasted In-N-Out burger with WHOLE grilled onions and a root beer float.

Follow the hijinks at the link below.

source The In-N-Out Matrix (Every Item From the In-N-Out Secret Menu On a Single Page) and The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

Fibonacci Sequence in Music