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The New iPad Resolution Compared

iPad 2 screen (left) compared with the new iPad (right)

At 264 ppi, the new iPad is "the highest resolution mobile device currently on the market." - Excerpt from Joshua Topolsky's review of the Apple iPad (3rd Generation, 2012) at The Verge.

source iPad review (2012) | The Verge

Will Google Become Self Aware? Is it already?

Is this what you will wake up and see one day?

Mobile Irrigation, Thailand

Drive by watering.

Fantastic Time at the Provincial Zoo

Star Tiger Zoo, Chaiyaphum, Thailand (Issan)

New Star Trek Movie

It would be so fantastic if this was the basis of a new time-travel themed photo-realistic computer-generated Star Trek movie.  But it's not... yet.

source Victorian Star Trek | Retronaut

X-Men Genesis

You have to love a game in which the story requires you to actually reset your Sega Genesis console in order to complete the level.

sources rePlayed: X-Men for the Genesis « Loaded Pants Fifteen Really, Really, Really Hard Games

The Ultimate Eighties Saturday Morning Cartoon

Airs this Fall - Saturday Mornings at 10/11 Central - only on CBS

Possibly not for kids, it is humorous that at center Reagan and Cobra Commander are depicted sharing a martini.  I suppose the artist was for Mondale or Carter.

The source link also includes a write up on the Real Ghostbusters animated TV series that's a good read.  I lived on Ecto Cooler one summer.

source: "Lessons in Character Development: The Real Ghostbusters" by RedBubble

Killian Eng: The Next Moebius

A sampling of the work of Killian Eng:

Fantastic, amazing, really, really amazing.  More at the source: