10 Largest Fast Food Chains in the U.S.

Subway - 23,336 U.S. Locations
McDonald's - 14,000 U.S. Locations
Starbucks - 11,000 U.S. Locations
Pizza Hut - 7,566 U.S. Locations
Burger King - 7,233 U.S. Locations
Dunkin' Donuts - 6,500 U.S. Locations
Wendy's - 5,877 U.S. Locations
Taco Bell - 5,604 U.S. Locations
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) - 5,162 U.S. Locations
Domino's Pizza - 4,927 U.S. Locations

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Urban Struggle

Urban Struggle: The Battle of the Cuckoos Nest

T.S.O.L. Circle Jerks. Black Flag. 1981. Do I need to say more? This is a must watch film.

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"The greatest trick ever played was convincing you they don't exist."

A Tic Tac Revelation

I used to pop orange Tic Tac's like they were candy.

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Sooper Smart Watch

Issan Auto Exhibition

Sooper Smart Therapy Book II

Volume II: How to Deal with Anger

Chill out.

*Special thanks to M. Fukuda for the inception of this series

Sooper Smart Therapy Book I

Therapy by Dr. Sooper Smart, Volume I:  How to Deal with Obesity

Stop Eating.

*Special thanks to Sensei Fukuda for this sage advice

This is World Peace

Metta World Peace (A.K.A. Ron Artest) has a mean elbow.  Ow ouch, and the follow through.  And to think they were going to change it to the Nobel Artest Prize and "Give Artest a Chance."  Gives World Peace a bad name.

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Mountain Dew and Doritos Cupcakes

Is this real?  If so, where can they be obtained?

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Songkran 2012

Parallel Universe Titanic

The unsinkable Titan, struck an iceberg en route from America to England, and all but 13 of its around 3,000 passengers perished in an icy sea.  Sound familiar?  This was written 14 years before the actual sinking of the Titanic.  Could it be an interception from a parallel universe?

via What would Titanic look like in the hands of George Lucas? and The novella that predicted the wreck of the Titanic

In-N-Out Hacks, Tricks, and Mods

The next time I'm in California, I will be ordering a medium rare, extra toasted In-N-Out burger with WHOLE grilled onions and a root beer float.

Follow the hijinks at the link below.

source The In-N-Out Matrix (Every Item From the In-N-Out Secret Menu On a Single Page) and The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

Fibonacci Sequence in Music

Streets at Night

The New iPad Resolution Compared

iPad 2 screen (left) compared with the new iPad (right)

At 264 ppi, the new iPad is "the highest resolution mobile device currently on the market." - Excerpt from Joshua Topolsky's review of the Apple iPad (3rd Generation, 2012) at The Verge.

source iPad review (2012) | The Verge

Will Google Become Self Aware? Is it already?

Is this what you will wake up and see one day?

Mobile Irrigation, Thailand

Drive by watering.

Fantastic Time at the Provincial Zoo

Star Tiger Zoo, Chaiyaphum, Thailand (Issan)

New Star Trek Movie

It would be so fantastic if this was the basis of a new time-travel themed photo-realistic computer-generated Star Trek movie.  But it's not... yet.

source Victorian Star Trek | Retronaut

X-Men Genesis

You have to love a game in which the story requires you to actually reset your Sega Genesis console in order to complete the level.

sources rePlayed: X-Men for the Genesis « Loaded Pants Fifteen Really, Really, Really Hard Games

The Ultimate Eighties Saturday Morning Cartoon

Airs this Fall - Saturday Mornings at 10/11 Central - only on CBS

Possibly not for kids, it is humorous that at center Reagan and Cobra Commander are depicted sharing a martini.  I suppose the artist was for Mondale or Carter.

The source link also includes a write up on the Real Ghostbusters animated TV series that's a good read.  I lived on Ecto Cooler one summer.

source: "Lessons in Character Development: The Real Ghostbusters" by RedBubble

Killian Eng: The Next Moebius

A sampling of the work of Killian Eng:

Fantastic, amazing, really, really amazing.  More at the source:  http://be.net/KilianEng/frame

The Coming War with China

When the US goes to war with China (over oil resources) and is defeated by China's larger and better equipped army, you can know that you supported China's military by purchasing goods manufactured there (if you own an iPhone or Android phone or an MP3 player or a laptop or an HDTV or etc. etc. since almost all of those items are produced there in factories using near-slave-labor).

Bacon Shake


My initial reaction was: Boy, I'm sad I'm not in America right now to enjoy this. My second, more rational reaction was: Boy, I'm glad I'm not in America right now to be disgusted by this.

Peanut Butter Sushi


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