Is Julian Assange Dr. Evil?

Fig 1. Secret Lair

Both his name (particularly his last name) and game seemed just like something a villain right out of the James Bond or Austin Powers films would be doing, but is Julian Assange truly as bad as a Blofeld or Drax?
Update: a kind reader alerted us to a further similarity with a Bond villain, Mr. Assange and Dr. No share the same first name: Julian

Fig 2. Blofeld, Assange, Dr. No

So he has the look, the lair, and the name, but what has he actually been up to?  It depends on who you ask, but to the Average Joe, it sounds like nothing but nefarious bidding: threatening banks with releasing information from executives' hard drives (causing said banks' stock to drop) and releasing hundreds (if not thousands) of sensitive pieces of information from governments and other institutions all over the world.  Assange pulls the old 5GB of data routine while Bank of America stops handling WikiLeaks payments and is he an anarchist on the level of Dr. Evil?  You be the judge.

Reason #18 Why I'm Sooper Smart

Well, I'm not sure why right now, but I can use Skynet (err, the future of Google) to search and find out why.

IN-N-OUT Special Menu & Dr. Saucebag

I flew into LA for a secret meeting with the US West Coast branch of Sooper Smart™ Enterprises Incorporated LLC today and had to stop at the "IN-N-OUT BURGER" hamburger restaurant food place which serves "fast food." I was recommended the establishment by the WC sales manager, and in fact was advised of several "secret menu" items which would be particularly tasty. The idea of an off an encrypted container enclosed menu was very exciting so I had to order these items:
  • Well done fries (darker and extra crispy)
  • Animal Burger
  • Grilled Cheese (tasted like something was missing)
  • Vanilla-Strawberry Swirl Milkshake
  • Flying Dutchman (a supreme disappointment)
  • Burger with whole grilled onions (made up for the previous mentioned disappointment despite all the onions sliding out on first bite)
When I pulled up to the window all of the white uniformed employees glared at me and I could here my server quietly sneer "So that was you..." Needless to say I felt like a major saucebag, especially when I then asked for an extra "secret sauce" Spread Packet (see picture above - to dip the well done fries into).