Thanksgiving Meal Made Entirely of Beef*

*Except for the turkey which was made of ham

Beef crumbs stuffing

Beef corn

Beef yams

Beef beans

Beef pickles

Beef olives

Beef cranberries

Bork (Beef-Pork) Hybrid Gravy

Entire Thanksgiving Meal Made of Tofu

Our 2009 Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potatoes, and even cranberry sauce was made entirely of Tofu.

This year everything was synthesized in the laboratory using beef.  Pictures coming soon.

Engadget Feeding the iPod nano Watch Fad

Why not feed the iPod nano Watch Craze some more with a Roy G Biv version of the iPod nano watch idea? First briefed by the doctor here: New iPod nano As Wristwatch ... Then Jailbreak It!. Now you can combine the fun of the 80's slap wristband fad with the 10's iPod nano wristband fad.

12 animal print slap bracelets - party favor toy bracelet set
Or just buy your own piece of the Eighties fad at Amazon.

Intel source: Griffin gets in the iPod nano watch game with colorful, protective Slap wristband -- Engadget

Snacktivity: Back To The Future

Many would say that October 26th is the key date in time travel history, however I propose that November 12th, is the date around which all important events occur.

 In honor of this important occasion, I recommend a snacktivity.  Following is a list of the food to enjoy while watching the first film in the Back to the Future Trilogy.

1. A Pepsi (choose the original formula with real sugar instead of Pepsi Free)

2. Peanut Brittle (or for the more adventurous, Peanut Brittle Ice Cream - see below)
3. Possibly something from Burger King, but not either of these above (source: Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality)

4. Frosted sheetcake
5. Cereal with milk
6. Coffee

NASCAR, A Gentleman's Sport

Jeff Burton and Jeff Gordon go at it.  But first Kyle Busch "hand signals" the NASCAR official in front of him who is doling out a penalty.

Where is the tall man?

The Two Jeffs

Fists for Texas

Thanks to our HD TiVo, we got to replay (over and over) the best part of the last race (November 7, 2010) at Texas Motor Speedway where Jeff Gordon takes to dirty boxing the side of Jeff Burton's head.

via NASCAR.COM / ESPN / Technorati Sports

Classic Time Travel Book Review: Goodnight Moon

Fig. 1 Red Balloon in place at 7:30PM BST.

Fig. 2 Red Balloon has disappeared sometime between 7:30PM and precisely 7:40PM BST

Balloon reappears by 8:10PM BST

White Chocolate Ice Cream with Nerds Candy


I'm not sure how it is possible that I never enjoyed White Chocolate Ice Cream with Nerds . . . until now!  Wonka's Nerds Candy was my favorite candy one summer (when I was 9), but I stopped eating it for a couple decades because the nutritional quotient is low.  But if you put it on ice cream, well then it doesn't really matter, it's just good.

via Serious Eats