Mr. Rogers: Secret Agent

Ultra top secret documents recently declassified reveal Mr. Rogers (obviously a codename) was a spy.  The Evidence:

Exhibit A. Mr. Roger's wardrobe full of multiple disguises.

Exhibit B. He can change from a dapper businessman (dressed in blazer and dress shoes) to frumpy weekend yacht sailor (cardigan and boat shoes) in a mere seconds - - less time than it takes to sing the Cold War Era Classic "Won't You Be My Neighbor?".

Furthermore he had access to very high tech equipment (for the time):

A picture frame that secretly turns into a video analysis screen.  He simply inserted a canister of film into the wall and it would immediately play the footage -- usually inside surveillance from factories across the US.

Exhibit C. The miniaturized, motorized espionage device (T.R.O.L.L.E.Y.) was making daily trips through the DMZ into a forbidden territory called the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe" (clearly a codename for the U.S.S.R.).

"Tools of the trade" -- the aforementioned spy footage and gadgets delivered from the Q-like Mr. McFeely.  Mr. McFeely was obviously a double agent: he claimed to work for the US government but note the pathetic disguise consisting of tinted glasses, fake beard, and shoddily assembled replica uniform.

More evidence to be declassified soon.

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