Time Traveler Caught on Film in 1928

This YouTube video shows a time traveler caught on film in 1928 at attendance of Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus" Hollywood premier.

Dr. Sooper Smart's explanation: It's a time traveler from 2019. Time travel was invented after the Chinese Supercomputer decided to make it possible in 2017.

The lady on film is obviously using a 2018 model Appldroid iTime G7 chrono phone (with 51G LTE Speeds) to "phone home" to 2019 via a self generated wormhole.

Back to the Future: When it all Started

25 years ago today on October 26, 2010 Doc Brown "created the world's first temporal displacement test at 1:20:00 am, sending his dog Einstein one minute into the future" - October 26 - Futurepedia - The Back to the Future Wiki

Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy (+ Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

In honor of this great achievement, I suggest you own a piece of the history and purchase the newly released Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy on Blu-ray

And then check out 14 Things from Back to the Future II That Actually Came True, and 5 That Haven't... Yet

Fantastic! Sooper Smart Finds Cats He Likes!

Normally the doctor feels a strangely strong dislike towards all felines, but it appears he has been converted to android (with Dr. Soong's emotion chip).  In honor of this disachievement, we have our 1st and 2nd Place Star Trek Cats above and below.

Our 3rd Place Stargate Cat

Our Battlestar Galactica Runner Up

And our Special Mention Dune Cat

From 20 sci-fi LOLCats that may actually make you LOL | Blastr

Thailand Floods & Amphibious Tuk-Tuks

Severe flooding in Thailand leads to Sooper Smart Transportation Solutions

Die Monster Die!

Die Monster Die!

Released in Germany as "Live Dr. Sooper Smart Live!"

Reason #17 Why I'm Sooper Smart

Due to the wonders of evolution, I can take a photo of my great x 10,000,000,000th uncle, even today.

I threw in the large number just to make my claim sound impressive.

Mr. Rogers: Secret Agent

Ultra top secret documents recently declassified reveal Mr. Rogers (obviously a codename) was a spy.  The Evidence:

Exhibit A. Mr. Roger's wardrobe full of multiple disguises.

Exhibit B. He can change from a dapper businessman (dressed in blazer and dress shoes) to frumpy weekend yacht sailor (cardigan and boat shoes) in a mere seconds - - less time than it takes to sing the Cold War Era Classic "Won't You Be My Neighbor?".

Furthermore he had access to very high tech equipment (for the time):

A picture frame that secretly turns into a video analysis screen.  He simply inserted a canister of film into the wall and it would immediately play the footage -- usually inside surveillance from factories across the US.

Exhibit C. The miniaturized, motorized espionage device (T.R.O.L.L.E.Y.) was making daily trips through the DMZ into a forbidden territory called the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe" (clearly a codename for the U.S.S.R.).

"Tools of the trade" -- the aforementioned spy footage and gadgets delivered from the Q-like Mr. McFeely.  Mr. McFeely was obviously a double agent: he claimed to work for the US government but note the pathetic disguise consisting of tinted glasses, fake beard, and shoddily assembled replica uniform.

More evidence to be declassified soon.

Oh Bulgaria!

Click to enlarge.
From Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner

This reminds me of a coworker I had from Bulgaria.  He was very smart and very smelly.  Not everyone from there is though.  I knew a nice smelling lady from Bulgaria once too.

Pizza For Dieters

I'd Stand in Line for No Slice Just to be a Jerk
see more Oddly Specific

Those on a diet should choose the fifth option.

Breakfast: Proof That S'Mores Will Be the Next Big Thing

Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows from Think Geek may be proof that that the S'Mores Breakfast Revolution is upon us.  What?  You claim it is not healthy enough for you?  You would rather stick to your boiled chicken on whole wheat tortilla and a side of fruit?  You are ridiculous. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.  Give in and let the goodness of a warm, gooey (sometime sticky), sweet and slightly salty/nutty SOOPER S'MORE™ envelop you in dessert-for-breakfast satisfaction.

If you wish to make yourself feel a modicum of healthy eating self worth, you may add a slice of Banana, Chocolate Almond Candy Bar, or substitute Whole Grain Graham Cracker for the regular.

Tetris and Taco Pancakes

Jim's Pancakes has some of the most sooper smartest pancakes I done ever wanted to eat or play with, y'all. The Tetris pancake look like it has 5 star fun gameplay and smooth graphics, and I would like be very interested in tasting the Taco flavored pancakes. Jim must be using the Sooper Smart Tomato and Lettuce bottled flavoring, bless his heart.

Reason #16 Why I'm Sooper Smart

I'm so afraid of dying that I focus all my energies on discovering a way to lengthen my lifespan.  I would be satisfied with just 15%.

Time to Retire the Old Logo

I used this Lost Logo Photoshop Tutorial as a reference to create the above logo.