New iPod nano As Wristwatch ... Then Jailbreak It!

iPod nano (2010) first hands-on! (update: video!) -- Engadget
All the coverage you could possibly want on the new iPod nano... unless you want a new watch, that also plays music, and eventually (with a little work, ie. jailbreaking§) can surf the web, stream music from Pandora, and play live TV via SlingPlayer or Hava. One would just need to tether it with their iPhone or a not so smart 3G phone in a manner similar to the one as described here How to Tether an iPod to a 3G Phone With Dial Up NetworkingMy technocaster predicts that a Bluetooth dongle could be adapted to interface with the iPod nano.

iPod Nano Watch: Steve Jobs Floats Wristwatch Idea (POLL, PHOTOS)
Latest: 76% of respondents would slap it on their wrists.

The new iPod nano can be ordered from Amazon now (they estimate it to ship as early as one week) if you order from the link to the left, you will be supporting Dr. Sooper Smart's exploits.

Update 1: According to Apple (via Engadget), the new iPod nano does not sport iOS, so it looks like it may be harder to get Safari running on your wrist (or playing videos for that matter). Source:  iPod nano review (2010) -- Engadget

Update 2: Engadget reports on a supplier of watch bands at
  However at US$28 it smells like a ripoff.  I recommend going to Amazon and laying down A cool $6.99 for a generic watchband instead.

§That is, if saurik has the time.