3 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Netflix Subscription

You're not getting the most for your money, if you're not taking advantage of these 3 simple tips:

1. Frequent account management: basically, change your plan often, based on your current viewing needs.  You can get 8 Blu-Ray's all at once for $5.  To accomplish this, you upgrade to the maximum number of discs out at a time (currently 8) at T minus 3 shipping days before your billing date.  Then, on T-2 days you will be shipped 8 discs.  And on the day before your billing date, downgrade to one DVD out at a time   This way, you will only be charged a tiny pro-rated amount, but can have 8 DVD's for as long as you want (you'll have to send them back before you get any new ones).

2. Make good use of Watch Instantly preferably by connecting Netflix to your HDTV (via a TiVo, Roku, Wii, X-Box 360, Playstation 3, or any of the net-connected Blu-Ray, HDTV's) and also on the go with your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.  See Netflix Devices for the full list.

3. Use Feedflix, er, I mean Feedfliks (since Netflix crushed almost anyone using the name flix) to have your Netflix usage automatically analyzed and find out how much each movie you rent actually costs, how long you keep your movies and get alerts if you keep them too long.