5 Best Android Apps of 2010

The Top 5 Android Apps as of October 2010 (according to Dr. Sooper Smart)

1. Barcode Scanner

As the name implies, this app turns your phone into a barcode scanner. What you may not realize are the hundreds of uses for this app:

Scanning the barcode on a book while sipping a coffee at Borders or Barnes and Noble (or another brick and mortar bookstore) then purchasing it on Amazon for 25% less or more.

In your sleeping clothes at home, checking stock at your local store for the bottle of Ibuprofen that just got emptied.

Automatically opening up links on your phone by scanning a QR code from the web, like the one below, or in a magazine. In this case, the QR code below is for downloading this app (although, you have to install the app first, so it is somewhat pointless to show here, but for all the other apps following, this app will be immensely helpful.

Search "barcode scanner" from the Marketplace App on your phone

by ZXing Team

2. Google Voice
This app is most useful for making overseas or international calls, but you can use it to make any call if you wish. The key benefit to Google Voice is that it allows you to provide a single telephone number to all of your clients/friends/family/teammates/labmates and it will route their calls to your mobile, home or work land line, SkypeIn number and provides you almost limitless screening, and management options (such as providing a certain message for your coworkers, another for your family, and virtually any messaging option for any one else.

by Google

3. Google Listen
The Android app for catching podcasts live on the go, without having to tether to your computer. Eat my shoe dust, Apple.
QR Code
by Google

4. IP Cam Viewer

If you have any web or security cams, this is the premiere application for using it. Better than any other program, for Android or iPhone/iPod/iPad.

by Robert Chou

5. TiVo Remote

Why purchase a TiVo Slide remote for $80, and in fact eliminate the need for even any TiVo remote, with this app which communicates via WiFi to your Tivo Series 3 or later. No line of sight required, so keep your hacked and upgraded 2TB TiVo safely hidden away in a ventilated cabinet.

Search the app market for this one.

Runners up:

Chrome to Phone
Google Sky Map
Tip Calc

No Bugles You Manky Git!

We at the 3022nd Intergalactic Money Exchangers Society forbid you to play music, particularly on the infernal Bugle!

Breaking News! Recently Discovered Document Sheds Light on Kennedy Assassination

Apparently Dr. Smart's secretary never delivered this message.

T-Mobile Has the New G2

Direct info from T-Mobile
Fig1. G2 from HTC / Google Camera and Flash

Fig 2. G2 on T-Mobile. Hot new picture

T-Mobile G2 preview -- Engadget


As a proud owner of a G1 (running CyanogenMod's Android 2.2 - Froyo), this is exciting news.

3 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Netflix Subscription

You're not getting the most for your money, if you're not taking advantage of these 3 simple tips:

1. Frequent account management: basically, change your plan often, based on your current viewing needs.  You can get 8 Blu-Ray's all at once for $5.  To accomplish this, you upgrade to the maximum number of discs out at a time (currently 8) at T minus 3 shipping days before your billing date.  Then, on T-2 days you will be shipped 8 discs.  And on the day before your billing date, downgrade to one DVD out at a time   This way, you will only be charged a tiny pro-rated amount, but can have 8 DVD's for as long as you want (you'll have to send them back before you get any new ones).

2. Make good use of Watch Instantly preferably by connecting Netflix to your HDTV (via a TiVo, Roku, Wii, X-Box 360, Playstation 3, or any of the net-connected Blu-Ray, HDTV's) and also on the go with your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.  See Netflix Devices for the full list.

3. Use Feedflix, er, I mean Feedfliks (since Netflix crushed almost anyone using the name flix) to have your Netflix usage automatically analyzed and find out how much each movie you rent actually costs, how long you keep your movies and get alerts if you keep them too long.

McDonald's, McDougal's, McArabia

I have confession to make:  I've been to McDonald's more times in the last year than I did in the entire previous decade.  In recent weeks I've visited nearly every day or even twice (or more) on some days.

In honor of this unrestrained fast food consumption, I hereby wholeheartedly recommend this short story read by Escape Pod founder Stephen Eley (in his last episode): The Last McDougal’s.  I have not noticed any ill effects to this unashamed burger and nugget bonanza, other than what appears to be horns growing from my temples.

Tips for the Best Cold or Flu of Your Life!

I've found the best place to weather a cold or flu is in a hot and humid locale, preferably near a beach.  It especially helps if you are constantly on the move with danger at every turn.  For example, one time I got a nasty flu in Saudi Arabia...

...but it barely phased me.

These days when the defenses succumb (despite the protection of our fortified underground facility) to an influenza or rhinovirus, I just enjoy a phenylephrine hcl and ibuprofen cocktail, then follow it up with a shot of diphenhydramine in the evening.  In the next few days a dose of dextromethorphan hydrobromide and guaifenesin really do right by me too.

Reason #15 Why I'm Sooper Smart

The majority of my worldview is based upon the TV Series "LOST."  In honor of The Top 5 Lost Questions I Suspect Will Remain Unanswered here is a rather pointless widget:

Top 5 Lost Questions I Suspect Will Remain Unanswered

I have now viewed every episode of Lost except the last half of it's last episode, "The End," and it is looking highly suspicious that there will be many questions left unanswered.  These being:

Who built the Egyptian styled temple and tall three-toed statue?
What are the significance of "The Numbers": 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42?
Who is Alvar Hanso?
From where did the island's protector's come?
From where did the island come?

To summarize lost in a Cruise Line Advertising Slogo:

"Come to the island where CJ Craig protects the tri-force."

I guess, as with many things, the theme of my SAT II Writing test holds true even with Lost: "It is better not knowing."  As different mysteries became answered on Lost, it became less interesting.

By the way, I only scored an 108 on my SAT's.

Sooper Smart Advertising

Yes, let's cover the earth... in red blood. Wait, I mean in deep red toxic oil... I mean lead containing pain... er, nevermind... Let's cancel this ad campaign.

How Not to Make A Cup of Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

Fig 1. So far so good.

Fig 2. Blow out.

Fig 3. Catastrophic failure.

Fig 4. Salvation (1/4 Cup)

Great Map for Coffee or a Burger

Great map for where to find a good cup of coffee or a nice hamburger when you are travelling around.

International Networks Archive \\ Remapping Our World

Our Travelling Turtle Tamer

New iPod nano As Wristwatch ... Then Jailbreak It!

iPod nano (2010) first hands-on! (update: video!) -- Engadget
All the coverage you could possibly want on the new iPod nano... unless you want a new watch, that also plays music, and eventually (with a little work, ie. jailbreaking§) can surf the web, stream music from Pandora, and play live TV via SlingPlayer or Hava. One would just need to tether it with their iPhone or a not so smart 3G phone in a manner similar to the one as described here How to Tether an iPod to a 3G Phone With Dial Up NetworkingMy technocaster predicts that a Bluetooth dongle could be adapted to interface with the iPod nano.

iPod Nano Watch: Steve Jobs Floats Wristwatch Idea (POLL, PHOTOS)
Latest: 76% of respondents would slap it on their wrists.

The new iPod nano can be ordered from Amazon now (they estimate it to ship as early as one week) if you order from the link to the left, you will be supporting Dr. Sooper Smart's exploits.

Update 1: According to Apple (via Engadget), the new iPod nano does not sport iOS, so it looks like it may be harder to get Safari running on your wrist (or playing videos for that matter). Source:  iPod nano review (2010) -- Engadget

Update 2: Engadget reports on a supplier of watch bands at
  However at US$28 it smells like a ripoff.  I recommend going to Amazon and laying down A cool $6.99 for a generic watchband instead.

§That is, if saurik has the time.