Proscan: The Sad Facts

We purchased this 55 inch Proscan LCD HDTV model 55LC55S240V87 from Amazon on the last Thursday in June for an outrageously low price, with free shipping, and received from Amazon's carrier the following Tuesday. It was a fantastic HDTV for 33 days, and then... pzzt: psychedelic rainbow colored images on every input.

It was too late to return to Amazon, so we called Proscan and found that their customer service is being handled by A&E (Sears). They believed it was a problem with the motherboard, so one was shipped to me and received a few days later. My lab mates physically restrained me from opening the 165 lb behemoth myself. “Leave it to the professionals,” they said. How insulting!

The technician from A&E arrived and installed it yesterday, now a total of 7 days after my first call. However, we were only to find that it didn't fix the issue. They estimated that the entire LCD screen needs to be replaced, and that I could expect a call within 10 days! Ha. I will be calling within the hour after publishing this.

At the moment, I know this means more waiting. It has all been handled professionally enough so far. However it is likely to be another week or two before we are back up and running (hopefully in time for the Lost Season 6 Blu-Ray release).