Jailbreaking iPod touch and Using Instead of iPhone

Last week I used the ridiculously easy Jailbreakme.com on my boss's 3rd gen iPod touch.  Before going any farther/further, was that 3 s's in a row correct there?  Something feels wrong.  He's not a jerk, just an assortment of bad stereotypes.  He is the President and CEO, so... what, you didn't think I had a boss?!  Are you kidding me, everyone has a boss.


Hmm, well, back to my communiqué: jailbreakme.com was possibly the easiest "nonstandard operation" I've ever been pleased to perform, on any technology device.  For those of you who don't know, Jailbreaking is basically the way to gain superuser (to borrow an Android term) control on an iP** device.  I won't get into the Android vs. Apple debate here, but you're welcome to reply with your opinions, and I will file them for future taunting.  Now I have Cydia on my iPod touch and in addition to all the other interesting apps, I'm able to create a 3G Dial Up Networking (DUN) data connection between it and my trusty Nokia 6263 using iBluever.  Now you have the next best thing to an iPhone - with no contract, hassle, or pesky camera.  Now you can use an iPod as iPhone for $35/month on T-Mobile.

Remember our previous top secret intel on how to save $720 in connectivity costs (when comparing T-Mobile's TZones to AT&T).  Well, now it's even easier and you connect the iPod directly to a portable 3G modem (any 3G phone with Bluetooth supporting DUN).  See How to Turn an iPod touch Into an iPhone AND Save $30 /Month for 2 Years!

Note: Children (and adults) do not try this at home. The author takes no responsibility for any loss of life, money, or sanity, due to the above ramblings, and by reading this the reader agrees to indemnify the author of any and all damages the foregoing may have caused him, her or it.