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Jailbreaking iPod touch and Using Instead of iPhone

Last week I used the ridiculously easy on my boss's 3rd gen iPod touch.  Before going any farther/further, was that 3 s's in a row correct there?  Something feels wrong.  He's not a jerk, just an assortment of bad stereotypes.  He is the President and CEO, so... what, you didn't think I had a boss?!  Are you kidding me, everyone has a boss.


Hmm, well, back to my communiqué: was possibly the easiest "nonstandard operation" I've ever been pleased to perform, on any technology device.  For those of you who don't know, Jailbreaking is basically the way to gain superuser (to borrow an Android term) control on an iP** device.  I won't get into the Android vs. Apple debate here, but you're welcome to reply with your opinions, and I will file them for future taunting.  Now I have Cydia on my iPod touch and in addition to all the other interesting apps, I'm able to create a 3G Dial Up Networking (DUN) data connection between it and my trusty Nokia 6263 using iBluever.  Now you have the next best thing to an iPhone - with no contract, hassle, or pesky camera.  Now you can use an iPod as iPhone for $35/month on T-Mobile.

Remember our previous top secret intel on how to save $720 in connectivity costs (when comparing T-Mobile's TZones to AT&T).  Well, now it's even easier and you connect the iPod directly to a portable 3G modem (any 3G phone with Bluetooth supporting DUN).  See How to Turn an iPod touch Into an iPhone AND Save $30 /Month for 2 Years!

Note: Children (and adults) do not try this at home. The author takes no responsibility for any loss of life, money, or sanity, due to the above ramblings, and by reading this the reader agrees to indemnify the author of any and all damages the foregoing may have caused him, her or it. 

Meticulously Crafted Diorama for My Son's Ancient History Class

We used, like, a whole bunch of those little Buddha dudes in front. Made out of Play Doh, duh.

I Had This Commissioned In Celebration of ...

The work seen here was commissioned for me quite some time ago, in honor of my first trip to the beautiful City of Angels.  I'm sharing a photo of it here for the first time, as the structure on which the art appeared was spectacularly demolished with C4 shortly after.

Invention Tuesdays

EverCoolCase® Always-Cool Pillowcase.  Use your own sweat and skin cells to power its cooling apparatus, giving you that freshly head laying down feeling all night long.

The Sci-Fi TV Chart

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Coming in 25.4 days: quality of sci-fi TV correlated to the quantity of food featured in it.

PI and e to 50 Places (Digits) Each

PI to 50 places: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510

e to 50 places: 

Shigeru Kondo

Shigeru Kondo is The Man

The Hot Dog of Your Dreams

1. No caption needed

How We Cool Down in the New Tropics

A Fresh Mint Julep made with synthehol.

To give it the perfect mint flavor, make sure to use fresh hydroponic-grown mint and thoroughly agitate together with cane sugar.

How to Enlarge Your Dickie's, or, How to Make Your Pants Last Forever

Most of my Dickie's are a decade, a dozen years, or even as old as a Jackson (Andrew, not Michael), and are finally feeling slightly too tight for comfort. Mind you this isn't due as much to an increase in my waistline as I've only gained 5 pounds in that time span due to a niobium spinal implant, but rather to the shrinkage caused by the industrial laundry machines here on the base.

Dickie's produced way back when (on Earth, in the late 20th century), have an additional seam that can be reverted to by pulling 4 long threads down the back toward the crotch, as shown in the figures below.

Figure 1. A pair of unenlarged Dickies.

Figure 2. The inside of the pants (before removing the threads).

Figure 3. Part of the threads removed, and the extra material lifting.

Figure 4. The threads being pulled up and out to the left.

That's it.  Now your pants will be a size larger.  With normal washing and care they should still be going strong well after Justin Beiber starts shaving.  And finally, if the knees become frayed, then just hack off the ends, and you have nice baggy Huntington Beach cutoffs.

Proscan: The Sad Facts

We purchased this 55 inch Proscan LCD HDTV model 55LC55S240V87 from Amazon on the last Thursday in June for an outrageously low price, with free shipping, and received from Amazon's carrier the following Tuesday. It was a fantastic HDTV for 33 days, and then... pzzt: psychedelic rainbow colored images on every input.

It was too late to return to Amazon, so we called Proscan and found that their customer service is being handled by A&E (Sears). They believed it was a problem with the motherboard, so one was shipped to me and received a few days later. My lab mates physically restrained me from opening the 165 lb behemoth myself. “Leave it to the professionals,” they said. How insulting!

The technician from A&E arrived and installed it yesterday, now a total of 7 days after my first call. However, we were only to find that it didn't fix the issue. They estimated that the entire LCD screen needs to be replaced, and that I could expect a call within 10 days! Ha. I will be calling within the hour after publishing this.

At the moment, I know this means more waiting. It has all been handled professionally enough so far. However it is likely to be another week or two before we are back up and running (hopefully in time for the Lost Season 6 Blu-Ray release).

Free MP3 of the White Stripes Entire "White Blood Cells" Album Plus an Added Bass Track

Free MP3's of the White Stripes Entire "White Blood Cells" Album Plus an Added Bass Track On Top of the While Thing!

Download here: REDD BLOOD CELLS