Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments #1

Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments (at the time) from my teens:
  1. Using toilet paper/seat covers for party favors at best friends 18th birthday party (I was put in charge of the party favors/decorations by his mom)
  2. Making fun of immigrant in gym class.
  3. Asking 3 girls to go a date at the same time [something like: so, if anyone of you want to come, just make up your mind (fight it out amongst yourselves) and let me know].
  4. "Donating" my rat-tail-hair to freind's kitchen's bulletin board
  5. Having to wear shorts so short to school so that one could see my boxers poking out underneath (after having been told that my extremely long, dyed, stained, bleached out, cuttoff - these are looong cuttoffs, mind you -- levis a la Rancid, were not within dress code standards at my private high school) until proper pants could be delivered by my paterinitus-in-law.
Coming soon: Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments (in retrospect) from my teens.