Syrian Tanker Truck, Saudi Arabian Jail

After I got run over by the tanker truck (driven by Syrians) in Saudi Arabia, I waited quietly in my Aston Martin DB9 (disguised as a Camry rental) until the authorities arrived.

The first police officer on the scene was a slim, twitchy guy who eyed
me like I was the devil. After exiting his vehicle, he approached
slowly, scanning me and then stopped and unbuckled his gun holster
before coming any closer. As he stood there his hand twitched over
his gun. If I made the slightest move he grasped the butt of the gun
and pulled it out a bit.

Fortunately, once I told his partner I was from "America" (against better judgement actually) he cooled down a bit. In broken English he asked, "Where in America?" I lied and in broken Arabic said, "California" upon which a he manifested an ear to ear grin and only wanted to shake my hand and practice saying "Hasta la vista, baby" and "I'll be back" afterward.

I did end up having to ride in the police cruiser back to the station... all the while not understanding anything they were saying and still wondering if I would be put in jail. Typically in this country the party which appears to have more money are at fault. A quick comparison of footwear was all they needed, my Dr. Martens were cleary indicative of my wealth when compared to the sandals on the other party. Thankfully my Saudi Citizen Chaperone / Liaison arrived to help before I was booked.