How to Turn an iPod touch Into an iPhone* AND Save $30+/Month Over 2 Years!**

Update: This guide is obsolete now as there is a newer and better way of turning your iPod touch into an iPhone. See: Turn Your iPod touch into an iPhone

The first in a series about everything you didn't know you wanted to know (and may regret knowing later) for getting the most out of your iPod touch. 

First, we'll start out with the parts list***:

1) a late 00's iPod touch. Three sizes are currently available and any will work - but note that only the 32GB and 64GB are truly the 3rd Generation hardware.  The September 2009 32GB iPod touch and 64GB iPod touch are comparable to the iPhone 3GS in terms of processor power. For this example, let's take the 32GB iPod touch which as of this writing sells for around US$270 on

2) a 3G “dumbphone” with bluetooth (such as the Nokia 6263 – which a quick search shows can be had for as low as US$40 to $50 used)

3) a PDA with Windows Mobile (5.0 and above) with Wifi (such as the Dell Axim x50v that has been upgraded to WM 5).  About US$140 to $150 used.

4) WMWifiRouter at for US$29.99.

5) A cheap-o data plan, which as of this writing is US$10/month for unlimited data but which requires a US$29.99/month voice plan.

Stop.  May I have a hot black coffee and cookies please?  Yes, the kind with the white chocolate and macadamia nuts.  Okay, thank you.  Shall we continue with the dictation?

Where was I, oh yes... Next it's a simple matter of establishing a dial up bluetooth connection on the PDA with the phone, installing the WMWifiRouter on the PDA, configuring and executing it, detecting the Wifi network on the iPod touch and connecting to it.

Now we have an iPod touch that can access the internet anywhere (not just in my lab, our library, or at the Barnes & Noble).  The iPod touch can be used to make unlimited calling in the US for $3/month with Skype.  The Google Maps feature is surprisingly, incredibly accurate (triangulating one's position via cellular towers - without the need for GPS).

The real savings come with the ability to NOT be contracted with AT&T for two years.  One could use another GSM carrier with a no-contract-required $29.99/mo voice plan and $10 unlimited 3G dataplan.

The comparable Apple iPhone 32GB package is presently $299 with a 2 year contract at $69.99/month (lowest plan available).  As far as the connectivity costs, it comes to a grand total savings of $720 over the two years.  The hardware costs about $450-$470 as compared with $299, which brings the overall savings to about $550.

Finally, you may be asking... what about the camera and GPS that we're missing?  Well, we can make do with what we have on board the dumbphone and the triangulation effect, but in a future post we'll explain how to completely erase the remaining $500 savings and get a 5MP+ camera wirelessly connected into this dog's breakfast and an external bluetooth GPS thrown into the mess as well.

By the way, if anyone wants to buy any of this equipment from the doctor, please let me know. He wants to unload it so he can purchase an iPhone, or an Android Phone. Looking forward to your comments (which will be moderated by the doctor himself).

*Almost exactly like an iPhone, except different

**When compared with using the normal (eech!) and popular (double eech!) way of doing it

***Note that dozens of different devices could do this, such as utilizing a Wifi 3G Windows Mobile Phone (5.0 and above)

Note: Children (and adults) do not try this at home. The author takes no responsibility for any loss of life, money, or sanity, due to the above ramblings, and by reading this the reader agrees to indemnify the author of any and all damages the foregoing may have caused him, her or it.