21st Century TiVo Upgrade Success Story

The office's HD TiVo was recently upgraded by yoors trooly to add another terabyte of storage to the existing terabyte (which I upgraded from the stock 160 gigabytes last February).

This brings the grand total to 215 days (2777 hours) of recording at standard definition (though I don't know why anyone would want to watch anything less than 780 lines of definition, but oh well...)

Now my episodes of Human Wrecking Balls won't be deleted by some unknown person. I have a hunch that it is the secretaries who are secretly recording and watching their shows during business hours. Just wait until I catch them. Time theft in any form is a serious crime!

By the way, I would have loved to had 365 days worth of recording capacity, but the maximum size supported at this time (as far as I know) is 2.2 TB (2.0 TiB).

You can find out more at the TiVo Drive Expansion and Drive Upgrade FAQ.