Indochina in the 2020's

Parts of Indochina in the early 20's are much like parts today (the 00's - what's left of them).  It's full of fast growing, dirty, sprawling megalopolises.  These are the underlevels of the major cities of Indochina.  Capital cities such as Bangkok (now renamed to Grung Thep Mahanakhon), which was rebuilt 100 miles to the north and 100 meters above ground after the big one of 2013 (those Mayans and Nostra-don't-know-much-as got it just a year off, I guess bravo to them), is now the cleanest, sweetest smelling, prettiest, least prostitution rife city in the whole continent of Asia.

Grung Thep (for short) is a light, elite floating city - built as some say on the back of poor, lowest class migrant workers from the collapsed states of post-Japan, Unified Korea and the Democratic Union of China (outer-Asians as the locals call them).  Singapore's leaders had the foresight to construct a gigadome over the island thereby protecting it and creating the first underwater city (since Atlantis that is).