Reason # 3 Why I'm Sooper Smart

I think the scales are tipped in my favor because of the many philanthropic things I've done.

Sooper Smart's Favorite Mall

Now this is my kind of black friday!

Sooper Smart Toys: Green Burger Worms

"Mold an Onion"

"Press a Pickle"

Then what's going on with those green worm things?  Our kids loved to play with these antiquated toys until I ran a lab test and discovered they cause you to ... hallucinate seeing green worms ... everywhere ...

Reason #2 Why I'm Sooper Smart

I'm always right, and even if I know I'm not, I think of a way to feel like I'm right.

Sooper Smart Airplane Safety

Improper use of knife. We recommend rather using SOOPER SMAЯT'S CHAINSAW® on onboard the inflatable raft instead.

Reason #1 Why I'm Sooper Smart

I make it a point to never think about what I'm doing here, or where I'm going.

Sooper Smart's Triple Threat Riding Team

I would like to begin by sharing a photo of our riding team.  They really do a fantastic job for us.  I'm so proud of them.  We call them our triple threat not because of the quantity of cycles but for another reason (please observe the quantity of feet on our center cycle).


Hello, my name is Dr. Smart, Sooper Smart.  Welcome to my blog.  It's just getting started.  Please check back often to find more newer and interestinger posts.  I hope you'll not be disappointed.