Star Wars Rescored - Mos Eisley and Cantina with New Music

An edit of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope: Only Phil Can Run with new music by Cliff Martinez from Only God Forgives, Hans Zimmer from Blade Runner 2049 and of course, the man with the mojo, Sir Phillip (Phil) Collins!!

The Gros Michel Banana

The Greatest Generation of Banana, now only available in Indochina. This was the kind of banana which was consumed in the United States up through the Greatest Generation, until it was wiped out by disease in the 1950's. So the banana eaten today is not your granddaddy's banana.

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The Artist and Vertigo

I just viewed The Artist on Blu-ray and wanted to make a couple comments. Jean Dujardin delivered a marvelous performance (for which he won an Academy Award) and it was probably second only to his work in the OSS 117 series of spy films parodies. More amazing though was The Artist's use of a segment of Bernard Hermann's score for Hitchcock's Vertigo. While this garnered some rather negative attention (notably Kim Novak's comparison of it's use to rape), I thought it was wonderful to see this classic work used in a fresh way and the opportunity for a new generation to be exposed to it's delights. Clip below.

'Fringe' Science

Existence                     Quantum Entanglement            Philosopher's Stone
Psychometry                Viral Therapy                          Ethereal Plane
Gravitons                    Time Paradox                          Psychogenisis
Bilocation                   Psychic Surgery                       Transgenics
Cellular Rejuvenation Thought Extraction                  Cryptozoology
Neural Partitioning      Brain Porting                          Temporal Plasticity
Dual Maternity            Chaos Structure                     Clonal Transplantation
Water                         Biosuspension                        Hope
Wormholes                 Singularity                              Speciation
Synesthesia                 Transhumanism                      Pandemic
Reanimation               Neural Network                     Telepathy
Transcendence            Retrocognition                        Biotechnology
Hypnosis                    ESP                                        Hive Mind
Neuroscience             Cryonics                                 Pyrokinesis
Clairaudience             Parallel Universes                   Mutation
Protoscience               Astral Projection                     Genetic Engineering
Suspended Animation  Artificial Intelligence              Cybernetics
Psychokinesis             Transmogrification                  God
Teleportation              Precognition                           Dark Matter
Reanimation               Nanotechnology                      Genetic Engineering

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“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”
― Elbert Hubbard"

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